Tips To Help Your Credit

Your Credit Is Extremely Important!

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Your Credit Back!
Open a Checking and Savings Accounts
              Lenders want to know you have a checking account available to pay bills. A savings account indicates you are putting aside something for the future.

Get a Copy of Your Credit Report
Most lenders base their lending decisions on credit worthiness. Obtaining and reviewing a copy of your credit report can help you understand how you measure up to lender's standards

Where Do You Get Your Credit Report?
For a "FREE" credit report any time, check out Credit Karma!  Just Click The Link!

Here Are Some Other Great Credit Resources!
  Once a year you can get all 3 for free!


Correct Any Errors or Omissions on Your Report
Some credit reports include errors or out-of-date information.
If you find errors on your credit report, call the credit reporting agency. 
Click on the Credit Report picture to get linked to help with this issue!


Collect Positive Information About Your Payment Habits
Collect positive information about your payment history. The more positive information you provide about yourself the more comfortable a lender may feel about granting you credit. If you have borrowed money in the past, get positive confirmation from the lender that you've repaid the debt.

How Paying Your Utility Bills Can Build Your Credit!
Get yourself a "Secured Credit Card", NOT a "Credit Card"!  The difference is with a Secured Credit Card you are using your own money and not building additional debt as you can with a traditional Credit Card! 
Simply check out the sight link below, set up your utility bills on an auto pay schedule and link them to your Secured Credit Card and let "Your" money help you gain credit!